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Selene Simple Slider Based Blogger Template Download


Selene blogger template is designed by NewBloggerThemes, it brings a huge slider that displays thumbnails for your latest posts or graphics whatever you wanna display. You can customize and change the images in the slider, the below area comes with 2 column in which one side is covered up with your posts and other is the sidebar used for displaying like box and other ad based stuff.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bynames: Access Internet in a Faster Way

Browsing some of the most important websites which you want in a everyday life like Facebook and Google, so what if you can just type a word in the address bar and you will be taken to that website. It will be great and it will save hours of your precious time. is the website which provides you with a  small Firefox extension which installs in seconds and saves your lot of time. The process is really simply you just need to install a small .xpi Firefox extension from below and than when you type a word in your address bar like F and then you press enter you will taken to automatically which is really awesome.

Follow the below steps to make it work .:

1. Install the Bynames extension from HERE
2. Now after installation restart your Firefox

These are just some of them for the full list see this website. And now just try this amazing faster browsing trick

How to Hack Internet Download manager[IDM] For unlimited Usage

Hello Friends, today i am going to explain how to hack or crack Internet Download Manager (IDM) manually. IDM is the best Internet download manager available on internet but its not free and its cracked or patched versions contains viruses.

internet download manager idm
Using this hack you can register the Internet Download Manager (IDM) for free using you own credentials i.e register on your Name and email ID.
I am explaining the manual hacking method because most of my users said that patch and keygen contain viruses.
This hack also works for trail IDM that means download a trail IDM from there site and register the professional i.e. full version of IDM with your credentials for free using my hack.

Hack or crack IDM manually :
Step 1: Download the IDM From Here or If you already have IDM installed Update it by going to Help—}} then to check for Updates.If you don’t wanna update your version, Just click on Registration.

Step2: When you click on registration, Now a new dialog(window) appears that is asking for Name, Last Name, Email Address and Serial Key.

Step3: Now Enter you name, last name, email address and in field of Serial Key enter any of the following Keys:


And click on ok to register.

Step4: After you click ok, it will show an error message that you have registered IDM using fake serial key and IDM will exit. Now here the hack starts.
Step5: Now Go to START => Then go to RUN and type the following text and click enter:

notepad %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Step6: Now right click on hosts file and go to its properties, then go to security tab and then select your admin account, just below u will see an edit button (in front of change permissions), Now give the user full control and write and read rights and then click on apply and then click on Ok, now u will be able to edit the hosts file and save changes in it.

Detail Note about Granting Permission In Windows7:

For Windows 7 users, due to security reasons you will not be able to save hosts follow this steps :
First of all go to C:/ drive then go to Windows Folder and then go to System32 folder and then go to Drivers folder and then go to Etc Folder, in the Etc folder you will see the hosts file.
Now right click on hosts file and go to its properties then go to Security tab select Users under Group or user names and click on edit button,Permission For Host Window will get open, in that window select Users account and grant permission in bellow section which is “Permission for SYSTEM” by clicking all checkbox under “Allow” Name and press Ok.Dnt click on any Deny check box.
Note : if  you have login through admin then skip this step6 .Its just for granting permission for editing file.

Step7: Now a notepad file appears something like this as shown below:
     Click here to get your code

 add code in the hosts file idm

Now copy the below lines of code and add to hosts file as shown above image box :

After adding these piece of code, save the notepad file. And exit from there.
Now start your Internet download manager, and now you IDM has been converted to full version and specially when you update next time, your registration will not expire.
That means it will remain full version for life time and you can update it without any problem in future.
proof of Successfully Hacking IDM:

full version licence idm
I hope you are now able to convert your Trial version of IDM into Full Version. If you have any problem in this tutorial onHow To Hack and Crack IDM,please mention it in comments.Enjoy ………


MS OFFICE 2010 LIfetime Activation

1. Install Office Professional Plus 2010
(I recommend a fresh install with no KMS and other stuff).
You can download this from here REMEMBER THIS IS ONLY FOR OFFICE 2010 PROFESSIONAL PLUS...:)
2. Open "Office 2010 Toolkit 2.1.3
3. Click on "Licence Backup"
4. Uncheck "Save Keys" and Check "Reinstall Keys"
5. In the typing bar of "Backup name" type: prime
6. After typing: prime, click "restore".
7. Let it do its thing and say activation was successful
8. Open one of the Office Products such as "Excel" or "Word"
9. You will be prompted to activate if via online or through the phone.
10. Select the phone and pick your countries phone number.
11. Listen to the bitch on the phone and give her the numbers she asks from you.
12. Click next to get a confirmation that your activation was successful.
13. Go to the program you opened and the select File, then go to Help, you will see that "Activation is Required" Close or Exit the program and reopen it and the go to File, then to Help and see that your Activation was successful.
14. You can UPDATE all the programs with windows update just like a normal copy of Office 2010. 15. Bonus: If you want to prove yourself that this doesn't have any GRACE PERIODS, then install VAMT 2.0 "Volume Activation Management Tool You will see at least 2 licenced programs that should be Windows XP or Vista or 7 and Office.

You will notice Office does not have any Expiration Date set. To download Vamt 2.0 go here: HERE

Zemana Anti-Keylogger Full Version Download

Zemana Anti-Logger, developed to deal with different kinds of malware threats, protects your banking passwords,  private emails & chat conversations from spying proactively without needing  a signature-based algorithm and includes  powerful, anti-action methods. 
AntiLogger prevents all known forms of malwares which intend to carryout information theft. As AntiLogger uses a proactive  and  a  unique way to detect potentially harmful applications which have not already been  recognized   or   identified   by   any   anti-virus   programs
consequently, it protects your 'Information Security' from a range of threats.
Modules:  Anti-SSL  Logger,  Anti-Webcam  Logger  and  Anti-Clipboard Logger are the first security solutions developed in the world. Also, you will realize  that  these  modules  have  the  best  features  if compared to similar applications.
Anti-KeyLogger Module provides  a  new  powerful  protection  against keyloggers which have not been even caught by known, the most popular security software's in the world.

Installation Notes .:

1: Install the program
2: Run the application
3: Use our keygen to register the application.


Zemana Anti-Keylogger Full Version Download

How to use Reliance 2G - 3G Internet for Free

Hey guys we are back with another amazing free internet trick for Reliance 2G and 3G connections. So that you all can enjoy and have fun just for free. So check below trick on how its done and you will fine to browse internet for free.

Follow the below steps .:


1. First of all you will need Hotspot Shield so that browsing can be made free so you can download Hotspot from this Download Link.

2. Now Connect your mobile using USB Modem using below .:

APN : rcommms

3. Now Fire up the Hotspot Shield software, now on the status bar when Red Icon turns Green that means internet is connected.
4. Now after successful connection Enjoy Unlimited Browsing and Downloading, so you might get 250 kbps speed that depends which connection you are connected too.

So guys have fun with this amazing free internet trick for Reliance 2G & 3G and please share this post with all your friends.


WinRAR 4.10 32 - 64 Bit Full Version Download

WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. It can backup your data and reduce the size of email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet and create new archives in RAR and ZIP fileformat. 
WinRAR also protects your files by adding password protection support so that no one can open your private archives so it’s a great archiver which you should have and use for all your compressions.
Download WinRAR 4.10 Full Version in 32 and 64 Bit from below .RAR Package.


Internet Download Manager 6.07 Build 12 Full Version

We have posted many versions of IDM you can make search on our website by typing IDM and you will find all the earlier versions of IDM so today we are posing another latest release from IDM that’s Build 12 which has fixed some bugs and have new features.Internet Download Manager 6.07 Build 12 Full Version

New features in Build 12 .:

1. Added support for Firefox 8.
2. Fixed Bugs.



So have fun guys downloading this another IDM Build 12 and make sure you share this with all your friends.

Autorun Disabling Utility for Windows 7 Download

Autorun enables automatic drive detection and than gives you the exact options you can do with that drive, its really good because you automatically gives the best option from your external drive and hence its really easy to use, but there is a downside of Autorun process it automatically injects viruses and malwares because drive automatically runs with this option. 
So if you wanna disable on all drives and other things than you might have to find options in the control panel which may take your time but we have a simple tool to do this work that's Autorun Disabler for Windows 7.
Autorun Disabling Utility for Windows 7 Download
So after you download this amazing small utility from below you simply have to run it and it will ask for the administrator privileges just click on Yes and than you can choose any option to disable Autorun on the drives, well you can even disable on all drives by clicking on the last option i.e : Disable Autorun on all drives, so download this tool from below and have fun.


Esset NOD 32 Anti-Virus Free 6 Months Download

Hey guys watts up I know I have not posted any post yesterday as I was having some internet problems which I just shifted and now I am back. So ok now earlier I posted many free antiviruses you can checkbelow in the related posts you will get all the other free antivirus programs. So today I am posting Esset NOD 32 Anti-Virus free for 6 months. 
Esset NOD 32 Anti-Virus Free 6 Months DownloadNow you simply have to download the Anti-Virus from the below link and than copy the Username and Password from the below text file and use it as a free 6 months trial pack.


Now simply view the below text file containing your Username and Password valid for 6 months.:


So download and protect your PC now from harmful viruses and malwares free of cost and don’t forget to check other free antivirus program from below related posts

Download Panda Antivirus Pro Free for 6 Months

Now you can get New Improved Panda Antivirus Pro for 6 months just for a 0 penny, well to grab free license you have to follow the below steps.

Follow the below steps to get Panda Antivirus 6 months license Free .:

1. Login to your Facebook Account.
2. Now simply visit this Panda Antivirus Page
3. Now Like this Page and than you will see image like below on that page click that image after liking the page and your download will start.
3. Now Like this Page and than you will see image like below on that page click that image after liking the page and your download will start.
Download Panda Antivirus Pro Free for 6 Months
Now enjoy free 6 months license for Panda Antivirus Pro Version, you can share this amazing Promotional Offer with all your friends so that they can also enjoy free security

Avira Antivirus Genuine 6 Months License

Avira Antivirus as you all may know due to its renowned name that its one of the premium security suitesavailable well there are many more but its preferred by many Geeks to protect their PC from viruses, malwares and other infections. 
Now today I grabbed a promotional offer by Avira Team that they are giving genuine 6 months license for free to all its users so to enjoy that free license just follow the below steps.

Follow the below steps to get genuine 6 months license free .:

2. Now visit the Avira Promotional Page
3. Now you will something like below .:
Avira Antivirus Genuine 6 Months License
4. Now simply enter all the details like I have entered in the above image and then click Request License Now.
5. As soon as you press Request License Now you will something like below saying that your license is created so click to overview it.
Avira Antivirus Genuine 6 Months License
6. Now simply click on License Overview and you will see something like below showing you your license and how many days are left so simply copy that license code and paste it into your Anti-Virus to use it for 180 days or 6 months.
Avira Antivirus Genuine 6 Months License
So that’s it guys free 6 months genuine key for your Avira Antivirus have fun and comment below if you get any problems.

Bitdefender Rescue CD For Ultimate PC Protection

When your pc get completely infected by viruses, malwares and other infections, than the best way to deal with them is to boot in Rescue area and destroy all the infections instantly.
Now you can do this task through your Anti-Virus or Malware scanner but sometimes virus may not be deleted due to windows is currently running and some files are accessible to be scanned by the scanner so that’s why we use Rescue Disk because it boots on the start up and removes all the infections instantly.
Bitdefender Rescue Disk is the one solution for this technical task, it comes with an updation feature which automatically updates the database so that new viruses can also be searched and removed.
Bitdefender Rescue Disk Ultimate PC Protection


Procedure For Using Rescue Disk .:

1. Download the above ISO File its in a WinRAR Package so make sure you extract it.
2. After downloading and extracting the above package you have to burn the ISO file on a Disc use simply CD 700 MB.
3. Now you have the original Rescue Disk which you can use to remove viruses.
4. Now put it into the CD Drive and Restart your System.
5. After the restart follow the instructions on the screen to get to the main menu of this Disk.
NOTE .: It may take some time to load all the files depends on the Hardware of your System.
6. Click on Agree Button and then move forward.
7. Now you should be connected on the internet and it will then try to Update the database and then after the update it will automatically start scanning your system for Viruses.
That’s it now just sit back and let it fight like a soldier Boom !!! Boom !!! Boom !!!

Windows XP Registry Tweaks Bundled Together

Windows XP is one of the most used operating system from Microsoft, its really simply to use and operating is really fast. Many professional blogger currently use Windows XP as their primary operating system. So there are many problems and tweaks which you can apply to make Windows XP more amazing to use. 
Kelly's-Korner provides amazing registry tweaks which you can simply download and use easily from their website.

Windows XP Registry Tweaks Bundled Together
You simply have to visit Kelly's-Korner website and download all the tweaks from their website and installall the registry tweaks you would like to mod your Windows XP system with.


Get Bitdefender Total Security 2012 Free 3 Months Genuine License

Bitdefender is the most renowned name in the world of Anti-Viruses, and its bit costly so many people cannot afford or maybe they simply don’t wanna purchase any Anti-Virus because you have many free alternates like AVG or Avira and many other. 
But what if you get 3 Months free genuine license key for Bitdefender Total Security 2012 and protect your PC from all the future Threats.Bitdefender Total Security 2012 Free Key

Key Features Of Bitdefender Total Security 2012 .:

  • Defends against viruses and spyware
  • Halts ID theft attempts
  • Filters the links you receive from your Facebook and Twitter friends
  • Gives advance warning of risky websites
  • Online Backup

Steps to Free Total Security 2012 License .:

  • Sign in to your Facebook Account and then navigate to Bitdefender Official Fanpage.
  • LIKE this Page and the click the download button you will see like below .:

    Bitdefender Total Security 2012 Free Key
  • Now simply install the software and then follow the instructions to get free 90 Days. So activate it now before the offer expires

Fixit - Fix Microsoft Services Problems Online Easily

Fixit is a great solution center from Microsoft which scans and fixes any issues affecting your pc with problems. Now Fixit contains all the categories in which problems can come and have very nice solutions to every problems. 
Categories contained in this Fixit Solution website are right below .:
Fixit - Ultimate Microsoft Problems Online Fixing Solution
So as you can see all the categories like Windows, Internet explorer and all the other products which Microsoft manufactures. So now how this amazing Fixit website works, well you simply have to visit their Fixit website and then you will presented by some screen containing all these categories of interest you have to choose the one which is making troubles.
Now after you choose a category like I choose Windows and then you will see something like below .:
Fixit - Ultimate Microsoft Problems Online Fixing Solution
So now you have to choose what problem are you facing like it can be Connect to internet, after you click one thing you will see a sub-category like you see on the right hand side in the above image, and you will see something  .:
Fixit - Ultimate Microsoft Problems Online Fixing Solution
Now any of the useful link containing your solution well this can be really useful if you are facing any unknown problems. Well now fix problems and have fun.


How to Disable Lightbox View in Blogger Images

As you all know blogger applied an automatic lightbox view for all the images on blogger websites. Well if you are new to your blogger blog you might not know what is the lightbox view in blogger, well lightbox view means when ever someone clicks on your images your image will be highlighted making background color black hence making a lightbox view. For example your can see image below .:How to Disable Lightbox View in Blogger Websites
How to Disable Lightbox View in Blogger Websites
So as you can see the above image is from my post USB Disk Security and lightbox is enabled on my blogger website, but know we have a solution if you wanna disable the lightbox effect.

Follow the below steps .:

1. Go to and Sign In.
2. Now select your blog on which you wanna disable the lightbox effect and that go to edit HTML mode.
3. Now backup your template, so that if anything goes wrong we can re-upload the previous template.
4. Now find the code </body> and now we have to paste the below code right below the </body> tag, like below .:
How to Disable Lightbox View in Blogger Websites
6. Now simply save the template and now view your blogger website try to click any image and it will notshow the lightbox.
So have fun with this amazing trick and make sure you share this amazing post with all your friends by liking it and sharing it.

Redirect BlogSpot Website To Another URL

Redirection can occur anytime, it could be due to some code problem or shifting purpose or anything so if you are one of them who want to Redirect their domain to another URL then this guide is just for you.

Follow the below steps .:

1. Open and then go to Design Tab.
2. Now click on Edit HTML and then Search for <head> tag.
3. After you are their where the <head> tag is copy below code and paste it right below the <head> tag.

<meta name="robots" content="noindex" /><script type="text/javascript"><!--//--><![CDATA[//><!--
var url = "Enter Destination URL"
(document.images) ? location.replace(url) : location.href = url;
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=Enter Destination URL " />

4. After you had pasted the above code now find <body> tag and paste the below code right below it.

<p><a href="Enter Destination URL"></a>.</p>

5. Now change the code in purple with the exact URL you wanna redirect too and that’s it.
6. Now the last step is too hit the Save Template Button and see the changes, NJOY and Have FUN and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and +1 it Below to support these posts.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Schedule your Email’s Easily for Future Posting

Hey do you wanna schedule your Emails so that your can send email to yourself or your friends or family members really easily, well you will simply be able to schedule your emails hence their will be no problem whenever you can send emails really easily.
Schedule your Email’s Easily for Future Posting

So you simply have to visit and then you have to fill all the details as mentioned in the above image and then you can schedule future mail.


How to Add Floating Page Sharing Widget for Blogger

I think you might have seen this widget right on our blog like 1 month earlier and it was awesome widget as it moves right with your page and reminds your readers to share you posts with their friends and you might have have seen this amazing widget on so we are here with the exact code for that widget so that you can also use this widget and share your posts in an easy way. 
So first of all how this widget looks like you can get a preview of this widget on the right hand side you can see the image, well currently I don’t have any working in action preview for this widget but if you are an old reader on my blog than you might have seen this in action.
So come back to the ingredients of this blog so you don’t have to edit any code lines you simply have to follow the steps below and than you will a working floating sharing widget for your blog.

1. You have to sign in to your Dashboard & than choose your Blog in which you wanna add this amazing floating sharing widget.
2. So now your Blogger Layout Section you have to choose add gadget and than choose add HTML gadget and than you have to paste the widget code which you can get from the below TXT File.


3. Now you have to paste the above copied code in that HTML widget and than Drag it below the Blog Posts like below .:
How to Add Floating Page Sharing Widget for Blogger
4. So now you can see the widget working right on your blog like you can see the below screenshot is from my blog and it is working absolutely fine and great.
How to Add Floating Page Sharing Widget for Blogger
Now come the customizing part in this widget you can change the distance between the post and the widget you can add more widgets and many more things.

How to Customize this Widget .:

So now if you wanna change the distance between the posts and this widget than you have to change the pc value in the code like below on the image .:
How to Add Floating Page Sharing Widget for Blogger
So now you get it how to change the distance between the posts and the widget so now enjoy and have fun guys installing and using this amazing amazing widget on your blog and getting more and more visitors through your visitors.

Windows RUN Commands you Probably never knew

The Windows Run box is a very useful utility to launch programs and applications quickly. There are more than a hundred run commands that let you launch all sorts of built in Windows applications such as Control Panel modules, and system tools like Disk Defragmenter, Device Manager, Group Policy Editor etc. Most of these commands are well documented – you will find plenty of run command lists on the web, published and republished countless number of times. But I’m pretty sure you will never find the following commands in any of these lists.

1. Open your home directory .:
The home directory is located at C:\Documents and Settings\Username in Windows XP and C:\Users\Username in Windows Vista and 7. The quickest way to open this directory is to open the Run box (Win+R) and type “.” – a single dot. Then hit enter. Try it.
2. Open the users directory .:
The users directory is the directory one folder above the home directory, i.e. C:\Documents and Settings in Windows XP and C:\Users in Windows Vista and 7. To open this directory, type 2 dots in the Run box and hit enter.
3. Open My Computer .:
To quickly open My Computer, open the Run box and type 3 dots, like this.
4. Open system drive .:
The system drive is the one where Windows is installed, usually the C drive. To open this drive through the Run box type “\” – the backslash.
Do you know any more tricks? Share with us by commenting in the section below and we will update that too for our other friends.

Adding Infolinks Related Tags below Post Title

Hey everyone what's up. Too ending to tell you how you can put the info links related to ask above and below the post title in blogger blogs. This can be useful to increase your Revenue and give you much much higher earnings.

Follow the below steps .:

1. Go to Infolinks website and Sign in with your account.
2. Now click on the tab saying “NEW”  ( this is where related would be applied ) related tags that look something like below .:
Adding Infolinks Related Tags Post Title
3. So in this section you have two options to choose from .:
  • Automatic Option : by just clicking the check box it automatically adds your related tags to the main optimized area.
  • Manual Placement : this is what we are going to use and this will help us placing our tags above or below the post title.
4. Now select the manual placement code like below .:
Adding Infolinks Related Tags Post Title
5.Now go to and simply Sign In, after signing in go to Design and the Edit HTML.
6. Now first of all backup your template for future problems and now click expand widgets template check box.
7. Press Ctrl + F to open the search feature and search for below code .:


8. Now it will be highlighted like below .:
Adding Infolinks Related Tags Post Title
9. Now if you want to show the Infolinks related tags just below the Post Title simply ass the manual placement code above this line and if you wanna show the code in the post footer like my posts are showing just ass the manual placement code below this line like below .:

<input name='IL_RELATED_TAGS' type='hidden' value='1'/>

Adding Infolinks Related Tags Post Title
10. That’s it now you will have related tags showing in the posts section so enjoy.
Enjoy higher revenue with Infolinks, if you have any problem please comment below and I will resolve it soon

Free Airtel Internet 2G or 3G for PC via RaptorVPN

Airtel Free internet trick for 2G & 3G working in PC, through the below working software the trick is working fine so follow the below steps to see how it works. For this trick we will be using a free VPN software called Raptor VPN which will give access to free internet in PC with 2G or 3G network. 

Follow the below steps to see trick in action .:

1. Download RaptorVPN Software
2. Now register a free account @ RaptorVPN
3. Now simply connect through via PC Suite
4. Now if you have installed the RaptorVPN software in your PC , fir it up and it will be minimized to system tray.
5. Now right click on the RaptorVPN icon in the system tray it will be like small globe and hit connect.
6. Now it would ask you for the username and password enter the registered credentials and it will connect your internet that’s for free.
7. Now enjoy unlimited internet access for free and have fun. 6 Days Premium Account

Enjoy 6 Days Premium Account for and download + upload unlimited huge files. So have and enjoy premium accounts for free.
Check the below image as a proof for the premium account for and check the below Text File for the username and password for the account. 6 Days Premium Account


Cheapest Tablet Aakash for just under Rs. 3000

The cheapest tablet named Aakash has been launched in India by Kapil Sibal, well this tablet is made inIndia and will be provided to all the students with a price tag under Rs. 1500, it will be available to all the other customers for a price tag under Rs. 3000. This tablet is launched every student can start their career  in IT line with this amazing and cheap tablet. 
Well the company behind this amazing tablet development is Data Wind and they will be launching this tablet under the name Ubislate, as you can see the name tag on the tablet in the image below.

Cheapest Tablet Aakash for just under Rs. 3000

Features Of Aakash Tablet .:

  • The Aakash tablet has Android Froyo 2.2 operating system.
  • 7 inch resistive touchscreen with screen resolution of 800x480.
  • Supports Connectivity like Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g) & 3G (optional through data card).
  • Tablet Features a HD video Co-Processor and graphic accelerator.
  • Tablet comes with 366 MHz processor and 256 MB RAM.
  • Mini and full USB ports Video out, Headphone jack and Audio 3.5mm jack included.
  • 2 Watts of power consumption with solar charging option
Aakash tablet also comes with 2 USB ports which can be used to access 3G data cards for high speed internet browsing. You can also expand tablet memory upto 32 GB & backup times on this tablet playing videos is just like 2 - 3 Hours.

Now the release date for this amazing tablet is still not fixed but it might be available by the end of November. So I think so after viewing all the specs above you might be planning to purchase for your kid or your family well its really a useful gadget which everyone should purchase, as the price tag for this amazing tablet is not high enough

Samsung Corby - Champ Games Download

Download some of the amazing games for Samsung Corby and Champ which will entertain you all day and will amuze all your friends. So to check the list of all the Games you can check the below TXT File. 


Samsung Corby - Champ Games Download


JailbreakMe 3.0 May be Released Soon

Comex the creator of best one and only mobile based jailbreak utility JailbreakMe 2.0 may releaseJailbreakMe 3.0 for his next mobile based jailbreak. According to iPhonehacks comex has Tweeted something about this. Well currently iPad 2 is not having any jailbreak so this may be the one for iPad 2. The below right now sits on the homepage which shows a PDF board hanging on the tree which means that comex has found any PDF Exploit to jailbreak the next iOS.
JailbreakMe 3.0
So wait for us to update you with all the news about iPhone jailbreak and other stuff so don’t forget tosubscribe to our newsletter so that you get updated right in your inbox about this stuff.