Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Automatic Facebook Status Liker Chrome Extension

Hmmm Social Networking is something like an addiction and browsing Facebook is something really important for every person these days. You might not be an addict to overall internet space but you love to chat and comment on your friends status, you like them and they like yours but what happens when your friends together put something great and you have to like it one by one well we have an amazing chromeextension which can automatically like all status @ a click.
Facebook Like All extension which I grabbed from chromeextensions.org seems pretty useful, so what it exactly does is that it simply runs a kind of JavaScript after you are logged into your Facebook Account and when you on the page with many status to be liked you can click this small thumbs up button in your status bar and boom every status is liked by you.
Facebook Like All
So now after you click this small useful button you will see a banner like in the above image saying Now liking all “likes” on the page. And slowly you will see all the status will be liked by you, its dam amazing. So now just install the extension from below if you are on chrome.


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