Sunday, April 22, 2012

BSNL Launched New Hello TV Service with Free Package

BSNL has started revising their services from broadband to launching new services which can create more subscribers to BSNL so earlier today we posted about the revised broadband plans from BSNL and now we got another great news that BSNL has launched a new free online TV service,well actually its not free but we are just getting few days free promotional package which we can enjoy getting 50 TV Channels fro free.
Now if you are interested in this stuff that you might check below procedure on how to get that free subscription package and than enjoy it out.

Who can Avail this Package :

Well only the BSNL Mobile phone users and the Data card users can avail this package as they are using a verification method in which you have to put your mobile number or your data card number on their website to complete the registration process. So if you are using the broadband than you cannot watch and enjoy this service.

Offer Tag-Line from their Website :

SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER!! For BSNL Mobile & Data Card subscribers "BSNL Hello TV for PC/Data Card Users" service is free till 17th February 2012. Please subscribe to "Free Pack" to enjoy the service.

How to Avail this Service :

1. Visit BSNL Hello TV Website.
2. Now you have to sign up to their service so this process is extremely easy and you will be able to do in seconds, so after your registration is complete you will get a email from them so check out your email and than verify that sign up.
3. After you have verified your sign up simply log in to their website and than you will see something like below click on the free pack subscribe button.
4. So now after you will click this subscribe button you will taken to another page where they will tell you what you will get in this free subscription service just check that out and than again click on Subscribe from below and than click on Agree.
5. Now you will be taken to the Phone or Data Card verification page where you have to verify your subscription with your Phone or your Data Card, so you just have to enter your BSNL Mobile Phone number or your Data Card number.
Bsnl-hello-tv-service6. Now you will be verified and you will be able to watch any TV Channel online for free till 17th or FEB.
That’s it guys here ends another post from me for all of you hope you can avail this offer and get most out of us, well if you like this post please make sure to like it and share it with all your friends.

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