Saturday, April 21, 2012 : Free Online tool to Encrypt and Decrypt Unknown hashes : Piyush

One more interesting tool which i found on the internet.This is a site where you can decrypt and encrypt the secret data of your friends or anything else for that matter.Before we go into the detail let us see what a "Hash" is. : Free Online tool to Encrypt and Decrypt Unknown hashes

What is a Hash ?

A hash table or hash map is a data structure that uses a hash function to map identifying values, known as keys, (e.g., a person's name) to their associated values.For more on what hash Got to : Hash Tables

Site Details:


Encryption/Decryption Services:

JavaScript / Encrypt or Decrypt source code
Encode JSCE-JavaScript
Encode JHTM Encode/Decode
JavaScript Source JHTM Encode
JavaScript Source JHTM Decode
JavaScript Source
Hide URL Link and email address
URL-Encode v1
Encode to Unicode String URL-Encode v2
Encode to Unicode String URI-Encode v3
Encode to Unicode String URL-Decoder
Decode Unicode String Email-ASCII
Email Address Encode
Hash Generator
Hash Generator CRC32
Hash Generator MD2
Hash Generator MD4
Hash Generator MD5
Hash Generator
One'Pass Generator
Generator v1 Unique-Password
Generator v2 Unique-Password
Generator v3 Unique-Password
Generator v4 Unique-Password
Generator v5
PassPhrase Generator
Generator v1 PassPhrase
Generator v2 PassPhrase
Generator v3 PassPhrase
Generator v4 PassPhrase
Generator v5
Generator v6 PassPhrase
Generator v7 PassPhrase
Generator v8 PassPhrase
Generator v9 PassPhrase
Generator v10
Mega-PassPhrase Generator
Generator v1 Mega-PassPhrase
Generator v2 Mega-PassPhrase
Generator v3 Mega-PassPhrase
Generator v4 Mega-PassPhrase
Generator v5
Generator v6 Mega-PassPhrase
Generator v7 Mega-PassPhrase
Generator v8 Mega-PassPhrase
Generator v9 Mega-PassPhrase
Generator v10
Generator v11 Mega-PassPhrase
Generator v12 Mega-PassPhrase
Generator v13 Mega-PassPhrase
Generator v14 Mega-PassPhrase
Generator v15
ASCII Encode/Decode
Encode T-ASCII
Encode T-ASCII
Decoder F-ASCII
Encode F-ASCII
Encrypt online message
Encrypt message ARMON-64
Encrypt message ATOM-128
Encrypt message BASE-64
Encrypt message ESAB-46
Encrypt message
Encrypt message FERON-74
Encrypt message GILA7
Encrypt message HAZZ-15
Encrypt message MEGAN-35
Encrypt message
Encrypt message TIGO-3FX
Encrypt message TRIPO-5
Encrypt message ZARA-128
Encrypt message ZONG22
Encrypt message
Decrypt online message
Decrypt message ARMON-64
Decrypt message ATOM-128
Decrypt message BASE-64
Decrypt message ESAB-46
Decrypt message
Decrypt message FERON-74
Decrypt message GILA7
Decrypt message HAZZ-15
Decrypt message MEGAN-35
Decrypt message
Decrypt message TIGO-3FX
Decrypt message TRIPO-5
Decrypt message ZARA-128
Decrypt message ZONG22
Decrypt message
Encrypt or Decrypt message
AER-256 +
Encrypt / Decrypt ARMON-64 +
Encrypt / Decrypt ATOM-128 +
Encrypt / Decrypt BASE-64 +
Encrypt / Decrypt ESAB-46 +
Encrypt / Decrypt
EZIP-64 +
Encrypt / Decrypt FERON-74 +
Encrypt / Decrypt GILA7 +
Encrypt / Decrypt HAZZ-15 +
Encrypt / Decrypt MEGAN-35 +
Encrypt / Decrypt
Encrypt / Decrypt TIGO-3FX +
Encrypt / Decrypt TRIPO-5 +
Encrypt / Decrypt ZARA-128 +
Encrypt / Decrypt ZONG22 +
Encrypt / Decrypt
Multibit Encryption
DES Algorithm
Strong Encryption RIPEMD-160
Hash Generator Caesar Shift Code
Encrypt Message RC4 Encryption
Stream Cipher REVERSER

 Reverse any Text

I hope this site comes handy for you

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