Saturday, April 21, 2012

DeadLines Virus Maker Another Tool for Creating Virus : By Piyush

Earlier we posted JPS Virus Maker tool that can be used for creating virus with loads of option and today we found another amazing virus creation tool called DeadLines Virus maker, its somewhat same like JPS Virus Maker but comes with less options, but still can be used for awesome pranking stuff. Its entirely designed and coded by DeadLine so thanks for his work. Well it’s a 1.3 version and maybe it will be updated in future for more responsive output but still its good and works perfect.
deadlines virus maker tool

DeadLines Virus Maker 1.3 in Action :

Download DeadLines Virus Maker 1.3 :

You can Download DeadLines Virus Maker Tool in two modes Setup Installer Version orPortable Version, well the creator recommends that you install it for better use and stability. After you have installed just fire it up and mark the options you wanna include in your virus, after that click on the small Blue Gear icon and click on Build and that’s it name your virus and save it anywhere on your PC. Now you can send it to your friends and ask them to run in their PC and Boom.

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