Sunday, April 22, 2012

Download Torrents with Download Manager using ZBIGZ

We have already posted how you can download Torrents with Internet Download Manger using, but few weeks ago was closed due to some copyright issues so many readers commented on how they can download files with download managers well now you can download them again using another cool website called “”

ZBIGZ works same like how Torrific worked means you simply grab a torrent link than you pump that up into their website and than you will get a direct HTTPS download link which can downloaded using any good download manager like IDM. So check out steps below to see how you can download from that website.

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Follow below steps :

1. Visit any good bittorent website like or any good one you know and browse the torrent you wanna download.
2. Now when you get the file you want to download just click on Download Torrent and you will get that torrent file in your computer. (check out the download’s folder )
3. Now visit and than click on choose file and browse your Torrent file you downloaded and than click on Cache. ( just to make sure that it remains available )
4. Now you will get your new .torrent link like above in Blue Color just copy that and head over to and than paste that link into the provided field and hit GO
5. Now it will start caching your torrent and within in seconds you will get your download ready to be downloaded like below.
downloading torrents directly
6. Now just click on that arrow pointing down in Green Color and than you will taken to another page like below just click on Free and your download will start.

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