Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Get New Google Bar Right Now Before Official Release

Google is tweaking every part of their services in layout and design so that they are more productive in using and easy for customization so they started from Blogger and than today they changed YouTube.com design entirely so their were some great plans from Google to tweak their official homepage to new style so that its much more productive in use. So if you don’t know what new Google Bar really looks like you can check the preview below.
So now this is officially released in some countries and maybe you would also be seeing this thing on Google Homepage but if you are not able to view this Google Bar and wanted to enjoy this one than for Chrome we have a simple solution which you can use to enjoy this amazing Google Bar.

Follow Below Steps .:

1. So in Chrome Browser install Cookie Editing Extension.
2. Now after installing extension go to Google.com and than click on the Cookie Icon in the status bar.
3. Now if will open a small dialog, navigate to PREF > Value > Now replace the Value with below code .: (Click below code to copy it from online text file.)


Get New Google Bar Right Now Before Official Release
4. Now click on Submit Cookie Changes and than refresh the Google Homepage and Voila !, you have the New Google Bar right in front of you which you can enjoy