Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to Remove autorun.inf Virus from USB/Pen Drive?

Pen drives these days are more vulnerable to viruses and the biggest problem most PC users face is “Autorun.Inf” which automatically installs virus in other folders. In order to remove Auto Run virus, you just need to replace to the file with a new one “Autorun.Inf”.
Steps to Remove Autorun.Inf Virus from Pen Drive
1.Open a notepad and leave it blank (don’t type anything)
2.Save it as “Autorun.Inf” in the destination drive (Your Pen Drive)

That’s it. The autorun virus is now removed from your pendrive.
The actual logic behind this is to overwrite the autorun.inf file with an empty one. Because an empty autorun file can’t execute automatically.
This is the basic and very simple step to get rid of Autorun.Inf virus without having to use any Anti-virus software’s


  1. in my case it shows access denied. what should i do now?

  2. If your PC is infected with virus and your system have no installed antivirus than you can also remove it manually through some steps.

    Remove Virus Without Antivirus