Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Remove Old Chrome Version and Save Disk Space

Chrome regularly releases updates to fix security and stability issues, so everytime you update your chrome browser older versions are updated to the new version but files are not deleted so it simply increases thedisk space and hence your PC can get slower by increasing disk space day by day. So ShaneGowland has released a small tool to remove them automatically. 

Follow below steps .:

1. Download Old Chrome Remover Tool.
2. Now run it, this tool requires you to have Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Installed on your PC if its not their install it and than run this simple tool.
3. Now you will see a simple command window like below .:
Old Chrome Remover
4. So now you can see it will tell you that if you have Outdated Chrome Version or not on your system if it says Yes than you have press Y to delete those versions from your PC.
5. Now after you have pressed the Y key on your PC your command will be completed and you will see message like below .:
Old Chrome Remover
6. Now your old outdated chrome version are removed from your system and now if time to share this great tool with all your friends have fun guy’s

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