Sunday, April 22, 2012

Unlimited Free Facebook Access without Internet

Day by day many people are joining Facebook to connect with your family and friends who live far away from their home place, as Facebook is becoming the one social place for chatting, media sharing, commenting and distributing knowledge, its really important for every individual that he has access to his profile 24 hrs. where ever he is, with or without internet connection.

So getting popular day by day Facebook cannot loose its customer from anywhere so it has to bring some promotional tricks with which people will be engaged in using Facebook all the time. So to accomplish this thing Facebook has partnered with Fonetwish company to provide free Facebook access to all India users. So if you do not have Internet connection that also you can use Facebook with ease using your simple special message service.
So how it can be useful to you as you all have internet connection available but what if you have some phones coming from the old age and it does not support web browser or Wi-Fi connection well you can access Facebook on that too so quit impressive hmm. So if you like it check steps below to see it in action.

Update :

A small subscription fees of ` 1.00 is charged for unlimited per day access.

1. Access the Service :

Now if you want to use this you have to dial *325# which is taken from *fbk# short for Facebook, so after you dial this number a message will be promoted displaying the company providing you this free access.
Fonetwish Facebook Access

2. Entering Username & Password :

After the message is promoted like above it will automatically be dismissed and you will another screen for entering your Username like above, now just enter your Username and than click Send or Reply in iPhone. After few seconds you will get another message to enter your Password for your Facebook account enter that password and you will have access to their free service.

3. Now Update your Statuses :

That’s it now every thing is configured and you will get some default commands which you can use to update your status and many other things on Facebook for free. So status updates in few seconds as it receives to the server.

4. Limitations :

This is like a promotional gift for all Indian Facebook users in collaboration with Fonetwish, well there’s no limitation on how status will be updated but limitation is that its currently available on Airtel, Aircel and Tata Docomo so other’s might get this service soon.

So here you go guys Unlimited Free Facebook Access for Indian users from Facebook in collaboration with Fonetwish. SO if you have any queries you wanna ask comment section is just below so have fun :) and make sure you share this post with all your friends.


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