Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bynames: Access Internet in a Faster Way

Browsing some of the most important websites which you want in a everyday life like Facebook and Google, so what if you can just type a word in the address bar and you will be taken to that website. It will be great and it will save hours of your precious time. is the website which provides you with a  small Firefox extension which installs in seconds and saves your lot of time. The process is really simply you just need to install a small .xpi Firefox extension from below and than when you type a word in your address bar like F and then you press enter you will taken to automatically which is really awesome.

Follow the below steps to make it work .:

1. Install the Bynames extension from HERE
2. Now after installation restart your Firefox

These are just some of them for the full list see this website. And now just try this amazing faster browsing trick

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