Saturday, May 05, 2012

Check Torrent Quality before Downloading them

As Torrents are really popular for downloading any file from the internet. You can download Music, GamesCheck Torretn QualityVideos, Movies files but when youdownload Videos you don’t have any idea about its quality so to listen to the actual quality before download is the main aim for the beta release of UTorrent you can check its website here for downloading it. 
Follow the below steps to check out how to stream Torrent before downloading it .:
1. Download latest Beta Version of UTorrent from their Official Website.
2. Open UTorrent and open the Video Torrent you want to Download and Check Quality.
3. Now click the Stream as in the screenshot below to stream that torrent file now it prompt you with windows saying open it with VLC, Media Player or any other video player you had installed so just click one and than choose the stream File now UTorrent will just stream the Torrent File.
Check Torretn Quality
4. That’s it now it will stream Torrent file which you can preview before downloading the original huge file so have FUN streaming and please +1 this post to share it with all your friends


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