Saturday, May 05, 2012

Vodaphone Free SMS Trick 2011

Hey guys Watts Up !!!, so today I found a very useful free SMS Trick for Vodaphone users now well franklyspeaking I don’t have any idea about its working because I have not tried this trick so please try it out and comment if its working or not. 
So the trick is as usual simple as 123 as we are just going to change the SMS Centre Number to other number and SMS are going to free.

Vodaphone Free SMS Trick 2011

Follow the below steps .:

1. Simply go to message settings which ever phone you are having.
2. Now select SMS Centre Number and change your number to +919863002222
3. Now after making changes to the SMS Centre Number simply restart your phone.
4. Now try this trick out and see if it works and unlimited fun and do comment.

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